2023 Awards


2023 Honors

Savannah Dome
Savannah is graduating with a degree in general communications with a minor in psychology. She has been awarded the honor of graduating with distinction for her paper describing the effects semiotics have on explicit and non-verbal communication in businesses and media. Also highlighting how prevalent this communication tool is and how it can portray messages through colors, symbols, and associations. Savannah has always been a person who loves learning and expanding her knowledge. The college environment is a place for her that promoted growth and nurtured her longing to always learn more. When beginning college, Savannah was not a person who had a clear vision of what she wanted to do in life. However, she chose to become a communication major because of versatility of this type of degree, and because of how integral communicating is on several levels, from mass communication to interpersonal. She dove into a degree because of her ideas of how it could shape her future, only to discover during her time in higher education that she loves all the aspects of communication, and through all the classes she took, realized it is exactly what she wanted for herself. She is so appreciative to have had the chance to better herself and pursue new ideas through school. Savannah is so excited to graduate with her degree and is planning to find a career where she can continue to push herself and learn new things, but also help and support others.