The Department of Communication at UCCS

Communicate. Collaborate. Create.

About the Department

Communication is a fundamental part of human life. Being able to communicate orally, in writing and across cultures is a necessity. At UCCS, our Department of Communication helps students leverage tools and techniques to better understand how humans communicate and how it shapes who we are.

Our Department will prepare students for a career in nearly any field since every field requires people who can successfully communicate with others - at every level.

General Information

Communication, the process of exchanging information, has been the essence of humanity for thousands of years. If you are curious about how to communicate effectively in all sorts of environments to all sorts of people, this is an excellent field of study.

The Communication Department Undergraduate Program offers the five degree track options: General Communication, Media Studies, Digital Filmmaking, Professional Communication (Organization, Strategic, Leadership), and Sports Communication. The Graduate Program offers a fully online Master of Arts in Communication.

Alumni Profiles

James Burge
Senior Global Marketing Manager at Crocs, Inc.
In my current role as a Senior Global Marketing Manager at Crocs, Inc., I orchestrate strategic media plans spanning multiple global markets (US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, India & China). My responsibilities involve conceptualizing, planning, and executing these plans. One aspect I particularly love about my work is managing and leading a team of media professionals and agency partners, ensuring the successful implementation of campaigns and initiatives.

Studying Communication at UCCS has profoundly shaped my academic knowledge and personal development. One standout lesson has been the impact of attentive listening in effective communication. Learning to authentically listen has transformed my ability to understand diverse viewpoints and connect meaningfully with others. Studying Communication equipped me with versatile skills in effective communication, empathy, critical thinking, and adaptability, crucial in interviews and job challenges, making me an effective candidate.

The program honed my abilities in fostering meaningful connections and articulating ideas effectively. Moreover, it instilled a strategic mindset, enabling me to plan and execute marketing strategies adeptly, fostering relationships and crafting effective plans in various roles throughout my career.
Tiana Herrera
Marketing Coordinator at GPMM Inc.
One thing that I learned from Communication that will stick with me is the people skills. Being a young new hire in a privately owned company has many challenges, but knowing how to communicate in a professional manner has made me feel as if I am an equal to all of my coworkers! With all the new challenges I am facing, I always have my background knowledge of how to communicate effectively with individuals from various backgrounds and build meaningful relationships. Communication has offered me a level of awareness I feel I would not have had without my studies!

Studying Communication helped me land my job because it offered me experience in the world of Training, Public Relations, and Organizational Communication. My role as a Marketing Coordinator offers vast responsibilities, and I find that most of my foundational knowledge comes from my years at UCCS in the School of Communication! Go Mountain Lions!

I view the world through a very different lens than someone in the Science or Medical field would. While every individual helps others in their own ways, I feel as though I have the ability to understand people objectively through the lens of Communication. My conflict-resolution skills have helped me collaborate with my Human Resources and Training Manager to find ways to address problems more effectively and find solutions that work for every individual.