Department Honors

Department Honors

Communication Student Honors Spring 2024

Anthony Meister
Highest Distinction
Anthony Meister is awarded Highest Distinction for his compelling narrative project about his father's life, demonstrating his talent in storytelling. As a Communications major with a Digital Filmmaking track, Anthony discovered his filmmaking passion while creating videos with his brother. His military service not only honed his discipline but also set the stage for pursuing film education at UCCS, transforming his lifelong passion into a viable career path, supported by military benefits. During his time at UCCS, Anthony engaged in producing various short films and interned with S-5!'s video marketing team, creating educational content and further broadening his cinematic skills. Beyond the classroom, he enjoys motorcycle riding and creating content for social media. Eager to deepen his expertise, Anthony is set to continue his education in narrative film editing in Los Angeles, aiming to weave compelling and inspiring stories in the film industry.
Cody Standridge
Highest Distinction
Cody is being honored with the Highest Distinction for his oral and creative virtual workshop titled “Cultivating Cross-Cultural Strength: Understanding the Team You Lead.” As he prepares to graduate, Cody holds a degree in Professional Communication with a specialization in Leadership. His honors project provides organizational leaders with a well-rounded perspective on the power of effective cross-cultural communication. By understanding these dynamics, leaders can enhance performance, leverage existing strengths, and address weaknesses within their organizations. Cody’s passion for leadership has been nurtured through both his education at UCCS and his 13-year service in the United States Army. Following graduation, he will continue to serve as an Officer in the U.S. Army. Looking ahead, Cody aspires to establish his own leadership coaching consultancy. His vision is to empower organizations to communicate effectively, break down cross-cultural barriers, and unlock the true potential of their most valuable asset: people.
Jimmy Wang
High Distinction
Jimmy is graduating with a degree in leadership communication with a minor in military science. He has been awarded the honor of graduating with High Distinction for his honors project examining communication theories and principles applicable within the Real Estate industry. In his project, he emphasized the significance of prioritizing the development and mastery of soft skills over technological expertise, highlighting that success in the real estate industry relies largely on interpersonal skills. Jimmy has always been a person who firmly believes in exploring his curiosities and being a life-long learner. Jimmy exemplifies the essence of resilience and ambition as a young entrepreneur in real estate while simultaneously serving in the United States Army on Active Duty and as a full-time student. He nurtured a passion for real estate, recognizing its potential for financial growth and stability. Leveraging his military discipline and strategic mindset, he continues to help change the lives of those around him in all things real estate. Aside from his professional career, he is a loving husband, avid paratrooper, dedicated dog daddy, and lover of food. Today, Jimmy continues to serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing that with determination and perseverance, one can thrive in numerous career fields simultaneously.

Honors Program Criteria & Overview

To qualify for departmental honors in Communication, students are expected to have completed a senior audit and must have maintained an overall GPA of 3.5 in their UCCS coursework. Students who qualify for departmental honors will be contacted via e-mail by the Department of Communication Honors Committee approximately one month into their final semester and invited to test for honors by completing an honors project.

Evaluation Process:
Project Selection & Submission Process: