To qualify for departmental honors in Communication, students must have a GPA of 3.75 in their Communication coursework and an overall GPA of 3.5 at UCCS. Students who qualify for departmental honors will be contacted by the Department of Communication after they complete their senior audit. Those who choose to take the honors examination will then be eligible to graduate with departmental honors and to be nominated as the UCCS LAS Outstanding Undergraduate Student.

Members of the Honors Committee are: Dr. Christopher Bell (Chair), Dr. Liesl EberhardtDr. Maja KrakowiakDr. Carmen StavrosituDr. Irina Kopaneva, and Connie Blackmann.. The committee will develop three exam questions, based on three Communication areas of study that the student selects, for a three-hour written exam. Students will be permitted study/preparation time with these questions.

Following the written examination, the student will participate in a one-hour oral examination. Students will be permitted to use notes for the oral examination. The oral exam/defense will include a discussion of the written examination and a question and answer session, pertaining to each written response, at which time the student will need to be prepared to defend their work to the Honors Committee members.

Communication  Department Honors Spring 2017

Nicoloe Martinez

Outstanding Student in Communication: Nicole Martinez


Outstanding Student in Media Studies: Marcus Wright


Outstanding Student in Organizational / Strategic Communication: Baylee Chavez


Outstanding Student in Leadership: Carlene Gray


Outstanding Student in General Communication: Halie Featherston


Outstanding Student in Digital Filmmaking: Celine Lovato 

Communication  Department Honors Fall 2017


Outstanding Student in Communication: Kayla Barrington



Outstanding Student in Communication: Lindsee McCrea