Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Communication Programs

An undergraduate degree in Communication provides a broad-based liberal arts degree designed to foster students’ abilities to understand, analyze, and effectively engage in a wide range of communication practices. For more information, explore the resources below.

About the Program

The Communication Department Undergraduate Program offers several degree track options, including a fully online degree program. Students pursuing a degree in Communication prepare themselves for a broad range of employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

All Communication majors must submit examples of their coursework to an ePortfolio as a requirement to graduate. The examples (artifacts) will differ depending on a student's chosen track. Students will submit their entire completed ePortfolio during their final semester.  More information can be found on the ePortfolio page.

Undergraduate Degree Options

General Communication

Degree Type: Communications, BA

The General Communication track offers students a broad foundation in communication concepts that can be applied to any career field. 

Digital Filmmaking & Media Arts

Degree Type: Communications, BA

The Digital Filmmaking and Media Arts track gives students a wide variety of hands-on TV production and digital filmmaking experiences.

Digital Filmmaking

Degree Type: Communication, BI

Digital Filmmaking majors study film as a visual language, learning the principles and techniques of filmmaking. They will also receive practical experience in planning, shooting, lighting, editing, and sound mixing short video productions.

Digital Media

Degree Type: Communication, BI

This cross-disciplinary degree combines filmmaking, engineering, and business. 

Media Studies

Degree Type: Communication, BA

The Media Studies track focuses on the understanding of media, culture, and society as well as their interrelationships.

Professional Communication

Degree Type: Communication, BA

The Professional Communication track allows students to develop knowledge and essential skills in three closely interrelated communication areas. These include leadership foundations and organizational and strategic communications.

Sports Communication

Degree Type: Communication, BA

The Sports Communication track allows students to learn about the technical and theoretical components of broadcast with an emphasis in contemporary athletics.


Online Program

Degree Type: Communication, BA

This degree option allows students to complete their degree completely online.

Digital Storytelling Designer Badge

In addition to our many undergraduate degree tracks, we also offer an undergraduate Digital Storytelling Designer badge. This badge will strengthen writing and speaking skills to enhance organizational goals, develop client presentations demonstrating a clear vision, capture brand style and more.

Internship Opportunities

Get real-world experience and connect with industry professionals through our Communication Department internships. Internships blend classroom knowledge with hands-on training in a professional setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Communication is a very exciting and growing area of study. If you are interested in a degree in Communication, take a look at our FAQs page and contact us if you have any questions.

ePortfolio Requirement

Students graduating with a Communication degree must submit an ePortfolio prior to graduation that includes examples of work from previous COMM courses. This ePortfolio provides the Communication Department with information to gauge the learning competencies of students exiting the program and gives graduates a working portfolio of their projects and skills to show potential employers. The information below provides a brief summary of the ePortfolio model and guidelines.