Application Process

Application Process for MA in Communication

To be considered for Standard Admission to the M.A. Program in Communication, a student must first meet the general requirements outlined by the Graduate School at UCCS

All applications are evaluated by the Communication Department Graduate Application Review Committee. The program admits new students in the Fall semester only, and the application deadline is August 1.  To be considered for Research and Teaching Assistantship positions and out-of-state scholarship, early applications are required by February 1.

 In order for your application to be considered, all of the following documents must be provided, using the online application system.

Standard Admission Application Form

  • Ensure the form is complete and the information is accurate
  • Complete Tuition Classification Form for Colorado residency, if the student claims in-state tuition eligibility
  • Official transcripts for each college or university previously attended (an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher is expected)
  • A statement of purpose that addresses the following questions:
    • In what ways do you think this degree would help you accomplish your personal, academic and professional goals at this time of your life?
    • What aspects of our program do you think will help accomplish your goals? Please specify courses you’re interested in taking or particular faculty members’ research (please mention faculty member(s) you’ve contacted or had a conversation with) and explain how they are relevant to your goals.
    • What preparations do you have that will likely help you succeed in this program? Describe relevant experiences and accomplishments in your academic, professional, and personal life that demonstrate your readiness for the graduate-level work.
    • What challenges do you anticipate during your graduate career and how do you plan on overcoming them?
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from instructors or employers
  • A sample of Scholarly Writing

English as a Second Language (ESL) Admission Form