Online Degree Program

Online BA in Communication

The Communication department offers a fully online bachelor’s degree in Communication

This degree is designed to provide a well-rounded overview of the field of communication and includes multiple electives to customize the program to your specific interests.  Graduates will enter the world of work with immediately applicable digital know-how for many, if not most, of today’s professional work environments.

Students can choose between two tracks:

  • Professional Communication in the Digital, Virtual World 

The Professional Communication track is a synthesis of three previous stand-alone tracks in organization, strategic, and leadership communication.

  • Applied Digital Media Studies 

The Applied Media Studies track focuses on global and digital media with an emphasis on examining emerging trends.

All required classes are offered both Fall and Spring semesters. A range of elective classes are also available online each semester. Most classes are offered in an 8-week format (or shorter) to allow you to complete your degree sooner. All courses are taught by the same high-quality professors and instructors who teach the corresponding in-seat classes and all online instructors have completed specialized training to ensure you receive a rigorous and quality education. 

Required Courses

Each track has specific list of required and foundational courses. More information for each track can be found below:

The Applied Digital Media Track focuses on the understanding of media, culture, and society as well as their interrelationships. In the required courses, students explore theories and research dealing with the social and psychological effects of media and learn how to conduct research. In the foundation courses, students take courses in media theory; media skills; and applied areas of media studies, such as advertising and health communication. The track also includes multiple electives to customize the program to students’ specific interests. By focusing on research, theory, and practice, graduates from this track can go on to work in the media industry or user experience firms, with government or international agencies, or continue their education in graduate school.

Applied Digital Media Studies Course Plan

The Professional Communication track includes leadership, organizational communication, and strategic communication.  Students learn about leadership theories and models, including how leadership functions in today’s collaborative digital environment. The organizational component provides students an in-depth understanding of communication in teams, organizational culture and identity, and training and consulting in a diverse global and digital workplace.  The strategic communication component address trends in public relations, marketing communication, and the functions of social media in professional settings.  Exciting and forward-looking electives such as crisis communication, emerging technologies, and managing virtual teams integrate these areas and treat diverse types of media and interaction.  Professional communication is directly relevant to a variety of sectors, fields, and occupations, including entrepreneurship and independent consulting, and social media in professional settings.

Professional Communication in the Digital, Virtual World Course Plan


For more information contact:

Janice Thorpe
Director, Online Programs
Senior Instructor
Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Degree
Academic Office Building 510

Laura Eurich M.A.
Associate Chair, Communication Department
Senior Instructor
Director of Undergraduate Studies/lnternships
Academic Office Building 518

Note: All communication majors should receive academic advising with Professor Eurich at least once a year.