Undergraduate Degree Options

Undergraduate Degree Options

The Communication Department's Undergraduate Program offers a variety of degree options that prepare students with a thorough background in the disciplines of Communication. To learn more about these degree track options, explore the information below.

Undergraduate Degree Options

  • Digital Filmmaking & Media Arts

    The Digital Filmmaking and Media Arts track gives students a wide variety of hands-on TV production and digital filmmaking experiences

    With a strong emphasis on theory and the art of storytelling through the use of sound and pictures, students learn the skills needed to communicate their ideas so that viewers of their work not only understand an idea, but feet it as well.  

  • B.A. in General Communication

    The General Communication track offers students a broad foundation in communication concepts, which can be applied to any career field. The required courses provide an understanding of but are not limited to: communication theory, interpersonal communication, how to work with people and teams and negotiate conflict in an organizational environment, effectively give business presentations and publicly express ideas, conduct an interpret research, assume a leadership role to inspire and empower followers, and how to use rhetoric in a positive manner to be more persuasive in their personal and professional lives.

  • Media Studies

    The Media Studies track Focuses on the understanding of media, culture, and society, as well as their interrelationships

    The pervasiveness of media in our everyday lives and their powerful effects on individuals, society, and culture underscore the importance of this area of study. 

  • B.A. in Professional Communication

    The Professional Communication track was created in fall 2016 after the leadership, organizational, and strategic tracks were merged

    Within this track, the foundation courses allow students to develop knowledge and essential skills in the three closely interrelated communication areas simultaneously.

  • Online BA in Communication

    You can complete your degree completely online or take any combination of traditional, online, or weekend courses. Most courses are offered online in both Fall and Spring semesters (unless otherwise indicated). A range of elective classes are also available online each semester (Projected schedule of online classes). All classes are taught by the same high-quality instructors who teach the traditional on-campus classes. All online instructors go through specialized training for online certification to ensure the online course is of the same high quality as the on-campus class.

  • B.A. in Communication – Sports Communication

    In the Sports Communication track, students learn about the technical and theoretical components of broadcasting with an emphasis in contemporary athletics. This track focuses on key principles of TV and sports productions, public relations, public speaking, and writing for the media. The Sports Communication track offers students the opportunity to obtain a broad base of knowledge in communication while also understanding more specifically how that knowledge relates to sports.

  • Bachelor of Innovation in Digital Media

    The Bachelor of Innovation™ (BI) in Communication Digital Media is a cross-disciplinary degree that combines film making, engineering and business. A cross-college collaboration between the Department of Communications in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering and the College of Business, this cutting edge curriculum combines academic studies, technical skills and professional training to prepare students for variety of careers in the film and television industry. Students gain a depth of skills and knowledge in film and television production as well as valuable breadth in other arts disciplines, technology, business and creative entrepreneurship. Moreover, BI COMM Digital Film Making students will participate in several high- level collaborative projects, internships and produce professional work that will give them a distinct advantage launching careers in the competitive changing world of the Film and Television Industry.

  • Bachelor of Innovation in Digital Filmmaking

    Do you enjoy storytelling, cinematography, and technology? Do you want the skills to bring your artistic vision to life? If so, pursuing a Bachelor of Innovation in ​Communication: Digital Filmmaking may be right for you. ​

    Communication: Digital Filmmaking majors study film as visual language, learning the principles and techniques of film-making and gaining practical experience in planning, shooting, lighting, editing, and sound mixing short video productions.